The devastated dog digs up her pups that d.i.ed after delivery and refuses to let them go

Our dogs, like people, feel the anguish and pain of losing a loved one. Puppies, like humans, express their sadness in different ways. When a puppy mother lost her puppies soon after birth, she was sad.

Her heart shattered so badly that she couldn’t accept that her children had perished and attempted to fetch them from the cemetery many times. A picture shows a dog trying hard to get away with the dead bodies of her dead puppies.

Suzhou, in the Chinese province of Anhui, was the setting for the tragic narrative. Mr.Qin, the dog mom’s owner, said that the puppies d.i.ed owing to certain initial problems.

According to Daily Mail reports, the heartbroken canine parent dug up the doggies’ grave six times. It seems that when the mother saw the corpses, she dug them up and attempted to bring them back to life by licking all over them.

In the video, we see the dog sheltering the body of one of her puppies while sobbing, and the owner pets her head in an effort to relieve her suffering.

The owner attempted to remove the lifeless pup from her jaws, but the canine ran off; it is unclear whether any of the puppies survived. According to the Farewell Pet, losing the puppies may cause the canine mother to become unhappy.

If all of the lilies perish, this is undoubtedly true. “Dogs that have had their domestic dogs surgically destroyed do no longer often become unhappy or believe that they had puppies who are now gone,” according to the website. However, a mother dog that has regularly given pups would lament the loss of her babies.

When just one or two domestic pets go away and the mother attempts to focus on those that are living, they might nevertheless display indications of grief and mourning, such as a loss of appetite or a lack of playful temperament. When all of the litter is misplaced, the sorrow becomes more intense.

Last year in the Philippines, a mother dog who had lost her puppies decided to bury herself. Bettie, the dog in the photos, is seen digging a hole and then placing the deceased youngster inside. According to, after covering the gap, she rested on the apex of it, miserable and in mourning.

“We did not order her to do it,” Bettie’s owner, Lenny Rose Ellema, claimed. We were astounded when she initially did that final 12 months with every other puppy. She is a unique dog. ”

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The devastated dog digs up her pups that d.i.ed after delivery and refuses to let them go
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