A heroic dog stops a tornado and “saves” the world (Video)

This pooch was seen on video halting a tornado that was building close to them while out with his family. The short video went viral quickly, and many people praised the smart dog for helping to save the earth.

For good reason, they are known as a man’s best friend. Dogs are always ready to do astounding things. Our animal friends seem to always be there to save the day, from cheering us up every day to doing deeds of heroism! This lovely little fella is no exception, as seen by the video below.

The video clip, which was first uploaded on Twitter, shows the puppy walking beside his people in a peaceful wooded location. But then, out of nowhere, a tornado forms on the sandy road. The brave dog runs right into the whirlwind and jumps on top of it, stopping it from getting bigger.

The dog had to make a second and third attempt to halt the tornado, but his efforts ultimately paid off, and the whirlwind vanished for ever. Of course, the incident was amusing and made the viewers laugh, but we should praise the dog’s courage, which is why the video is still trending online.

“How courageous,” one person said, “not even Superman could have done so much.” “What a hero this dog is!!! I’m a fan, and he should be an Avenger! “another user commented.

Here’s where you can see this puppy’s moment of glory:

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A heroic dog stops a tornado and “saves” the world (Video)
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