Dog let the girl who had saved him know it was time for him to go…

Sophiane Nacer decided to give this stray dog the best possible end of life, despite the fact that he was sick. She decided that Hippo, an old stray cat with a tumor, would never know love until he passed away.

Sophiane, the 19-year-old founder of Cayleba’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue, told TODAY, “Even if only for one day, Hippo would have had the happiest final day of his life.” After five days at the shelter, Sophiane adopted Hippo and brought him home. The skin of the unfortunate puppy was too sensitive to touch. Because the suffering was so great, Sophiane wasn’t sure whether Hippo would survive another day.

But as he saw his tail wagging, all his worries vanished. The ailing canine was still hopeful. He desired to experience love and pleasure before departing from this planet. So Sophiane took Hippo to Starbucks and got him a Puppuccino, a drink from the famed chain’s hidden menu that dogs like, plus a cup of delectable whipped cream. Hippo was still in a good mood the following day, so Sophiane brought him to the dog park to play. He was having a great time! But then he had a message for Sophiane.

The elderly dog, suffering but optimistic, had something to say to his new best buddy. He was all set to depart. He was glad to have spent this time with Sophiane, but he was exhausted and in pain, and it was time to say good-by. Sophiane returned home from the dog park with an euth.anasia expert. For her, the vet had prepared fried chicken with sedatives.

She was able to enjoy her last dinner as peacefully as possible with Sophiane at her side before falling into a long, painless slumber. While this story is heartbreaking on many levels, it is also uplifting. A dog who had only known agony was allowed to spend the remainder of his life – however brief – feeling cherished and valued. May all dogs depart this world knowing how much they are adored!

Hippo, rest in peace. You’ve been a wonderful young man!

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Dog let the girl who had saved him know it was time for him to go…
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