People rescued and transformed this Husky into a completely different dog in 8 months

There are two schools of thought when it comes to getting a new dog for your family. Some people may look for a certain breed because they like the traits or personalities that it has.

There are others who will go to one of the overloaded shelters and provide a forever home for an animal in need. Whatever course you choose, you are surely aware of the challenges that shelter dogs face.

We sometimes get a detailed look at a creature who was rescued from a shelter and what happened when they were given a permanent home. It is widely circulated online, and Luna is no exception. Her images were uploaded to Imgur and quickly became viral. Luna was a sack of bones when she was rescued from the streets, but her life and health were completely altered in only eight months.

Luna was adopted by someone on a regular basis. Last year, he cared for 25 dogs; all of them were adopted. He also has his own seven dogs; five of them were rescued from the street. Hearing stories like these makes you realize that there are still nice people in the world. Looking at the photographs below, there’s no question that Luna benefited from the experience.

Luna is a Siberian Husky breeder. This is a street shot of her taken 8 months ago. She was bald from mange and way too skinny. This is Luna’s current appearance.