This is the cutest video you’ll see today! When the dog misses his mommy, he calls her and starts singing to her

If you have a dog, you’ve certainly had many instances when you wish you could simply pick up the phone and contact your pet at home to check on him. Needless to say, dogs cannot pick up the phone and speak to you, but with a little assistance, they may be able to converse over the phone.

If you don’t believe it, just look at the adorable puppy in the video below. Stanley the Airedale has made it a habit to communicate with his mother over the phone. When the lady is at work and Stanley misses her, he picks up the phone (with little assistance from his father) and begins a charming discussion in which he also sings!

Stanley is undeniably a bright pup, and the way he tries to tell his mom how much he misses her over the phone is one of the nicest demonstrations of devotion you’ll ever see in a dog.

Please take a few seconds to observe Stanley in action if you believe dogs have a way of connecting with their owners that goes beyond words. You will not be sorry!