Hero dog tries to defend his owners from a rattlesnake and receives irreversible injury

A dog is the most devoted companion a person can have. They are constantly willing to assist and defend their owners. They will even put their lives in danger to do so.

This was recently shown by a Labrador Retriever called Marley, who valiantly defended his owner from a rattlesnake while being bitten by the snake himself.

Alex Loredo, who is 18 years old and resides in Harbison Canyon, California, first purchased the dog to lose weight, but they quickly became great friends. Alex felt very lucky to possess Marley, considering he had lately faced peril.

According to Alex, while standing outside his residence, he came face to-face with a foot and a half-long rattlesnake. Alex was terrified, but before he could react, Marley appeared and began barking at the snake.

Marley placed his life in peril to rescue his master. The snake bit him twice, once on his tongue and once on his neck. Alex hurried him to the hospital.

There was blood everywhere, and Marley slumped in agony. The dog was brought to the vet and was given two venom vaccinations.

Marley remained in the hospital for many days, and even the veterinarians were concerned that they might have to amputate his tongue. Fortunately, Marley survived and was discharged from the hospital, returning to his owner.


Alex was overjoyed to see Marley again since he was his closest buddy. Alex considers Marley to be his idol. He claimed he didn’t know what he’d do without him.

Alex had to spend a lot of money on Marley’s operation. He spent all of his pocket money on medical bills, but he was content to do so.

Fortunately, all of the funds were recovered thanks to GoFundMe contributions. This fundraising campaign has already generated over $8,000 in donations.

Marley shows his devotion to his master; he is a great hero. It’s wonderful to hear that he’s doing well now. We applaud Marley’s boldness.

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Hero dog tries to defend his owners from a rattlesnake and receives irreversible injury
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