Mama dog desperately attempts to assist her pup, who has fallen into a ditch

The love of a mom is stronger than any other feeling or devotion. Moms are always willing to go to great lengths for the sake of their children. Even if it means putting their own lives in danger.

In northern China, a golden retriever was filmed helping her baby climb, holding him by the ear so he wouldn’t fall into a ditch.

The endearing video shows the young dog slipping into a ditch and struggling to climb its steep edges. The mother sees and rushes to her child, figuring out the best way to rescue him.

As the water from the stream pours beneath the dog, it looks like it is panicking and makes a desperate effort to reach higher ground. His tail wags madly as he clings to the ground and awaits assistance from his mother.

She looks at him and seems to study the situation before gently moving her paws forward to keep him out of the ditch.

After she has positioned herself, she twists her head to the side and grabs her small puppy by the ear with her teeth.

After that, she carries him carefully to safety and protection as his brothers watch.

You may see the video below: