The owner watches in shock as a coyote steals their little puppy

The scared owners witnessed as the coyote crashed down on their little dog, Chico, and took him away.

We store emergency supplies and equipment such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits at home. These items serve as our first line of defense in the event of an unexpected situation.

However, this narrative may introduce you to a unique object that you may find useful at home. This family in particular used it in one of the most tragic occurrences in their backyard.

Chico is being watched closely.

Chico was Larry and Kerri Ruiz’s cherished dog. They often let their dog out in the yard to run about and play.

They often keep a close check on young Chico in case anything occurs. They also put a video camera facing their yard so they could keep an eye on Chico while they were inside. It’s also a good thing they did.

Kerri was inside when she heard Chico barking outside. It wasn’t just any bark; it sounded desperate and terrified. She couldn’t believe what she saw when she viewed their security stream.

Chico vs. Coyote

Chico fled through the garden as a coyote pursued him. The coyote approached him and bit his neck. It moved away with Chico in its mouth, shaking it slightly.

Kerri dialed Larry’s number and yelled incoherently that a coyote had stolen Chico. For a few moments, they panicked, seeking left and right for their unfortunate puppy.

See the scary occurrence in the video below. You can see how frantic the pair were trying to find out how to rescue their pet puppy.

Chico was rescued by an airhorn.

As the couple searched for assistance, Kerri raced back inside the home to hunt for anything that could be beneficial. That’s when she recalled an airhorn, which they have on hand in case of an emergency.

She grabbed the adjacent airhorn and hurried back outside. The coyote was frightened away by the booming noise made by the airhorn. Unfortunately for Chico, the news was not good.

They discovered Chico was injured and wounded and took him to the veterinarian to be treated. He had a cracked rib and a few scratches as a result of the coyote’s strong grip on his neck.

Larry and Kerri were relieved that Chico was still alive. They couldn’t believe it when he was rescued by a simple air trumpet. The pair also agreed to never leave their pet unsupervised in their yard.

There are several varieties of air horns, but the one Kerri used to rescue Chico was a portable air horn often used at sports events. It operates on the same basic basis as any wind instrument. Instead of being blown, the brass or metal container is filled with pressurized gas. A single mild push will produce a strong, unique sound.

While airhorns are not permitted in motorized vehicles, you may use one in your home or while walking about to either distract your assailant or attract the notice of those around you.

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The owner watches in shock as a coyote steals their little puppy
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