Hero dog! He risked his life and swam through floodwaters, and the reason behind it is amazing

On August 21st, 2021, Waverly, Tennessee saw record floods. The neighborhood was abruptly pummeled with 17 inches of rain, resulting in the d.e.aths 20 people and damaging over 250 houses and businesses.

Cooper, a 6-year-old Great Pyrenees-Labrador mix, emerged as a ray of light in the middle of sorrow. The dog is being hailed as a hero for saving a kid from the floods.

The young man, who has autism, told how Cooper helped him survive the water after being rescued. A neighbor named Zaneta Warren put the boy’s story on the Concerned Citizens of Humphreys County Facebook page:

“He stated the dog came down the water and managed to swim across to him while he was clinging on to a pole.” He said that “this dog saved my life; he swam to me and forced me to cling on.”

The youngster and Cooper were subsequently rescued by rescue boats. Cooper and the youngster he assisted were both alright, save for a little scratch on Cooper’s back.

Dr. Jessica Peek, a vet, operates the Waverly Animal Clinic, where Cooper wound up later that day. She told the Daily Mail that Cooper was undoubtedly treated like a hero while in their care.

“All week, we’ve been dubbing him Big Hero Dog. He’s a living darling, and we’ve been spoiling him and telling him he’s a hero. ”

In the aftermath of the flood, Waverly Animal Clinic posted on Facebook that all of their kennels were filled. Cooper’s tale is just one of several involving dogs harmed by the weekend floods, according to Peek. During the storm, some creatures were separated from their families.

“You feel powerless and unsure of what to do when people are stranded and searching for their dogs.” We wanted to provide a secure haven for dogs so that owners could cope with other issues. ”

Caitlyn Rochelle discovered her dog, Cooper, was at Waverly Animal Center after seeing a Facebook post about him. She subsequently told the Daily Mail how delighted she was with her adorable dog:

“It moved me to tears.” It was no surprise that he went after someone else who was in trouble.

Cooper was living with Rochelle’s father when the waves carried him away. Rochelle’s house was flooded when a tree fell through her roof on Saturday morning.

Both Rochelle and her father are pleased that Cooper has returned. He’s an emotionally sympathetic canine, as seen by his rescue of the stranded youngster.

“He’s always been a nice dog and an excellent emotional support animal.” “Cooper detects melancholy in my father and myself and sits and rests his head on us.”

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Hero dog! He risked his life and swam through floodwaters, and the reason behind it is amazing
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