Nobody was able to capture this stray dog until…

Megan, a dog rescuer, came upon a Great Pyrenees who had been living on the streets of a small California town for approximately a year. Megan’s heart wrenched as she vowed to rescue him.

But it wasn’t going to be that simple.

Many rescuers attempted to save the dog, Miles, but were unable to. Miles had lost faith in people and would flee anytime someone came too close.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Great Pyrenees breed is often characterized as “majestic.” They are very powerful mountain dogs.

On their AKC website, it says, “These loyal guardians usually have a Zen-like calm, but when they sense danger, they can jump into action and move with grace and speed.”

Megan recognized that this beautiful creature needed a better life and resolved to be the one to bring him to it.

So she went in her vehicle to find him and found him resting casually on the grass. Miles, although being a free dog, did not seem to be a happy dog. He seemed exhausted and worn out.

“Other stray dogs would fight him, and it gets to be like 110 degrees sometimes,” Megan told The Dodo.

Megan contacted Miles and offered to get him a place to live.

“Hello, sweetie! I’m here for you! ” “Are you ready to leave?” She inquired about the enormous white dog.

Miles, however, was not. He’d let Megan come near to him and offer him cookies, but when she asked if she could tether him, he’d bolt.

Miles got skeptical, and cookies or no cookies, he didn’t want to be restrained after being free for so long.

Megan, on the other hand, was not willing to give up on Miles and drove about until she located him again.

“I’m out of cookies!” she said.

Miles was still hesitant to put his faith in Megan.

“I did it for around six or seven hours.” It was basically trying to grab him and failing. I was simply sad since it was dark. I needed to locate assistance. “I needed to locate a trapper.”

Because of this, Megan asked Danny Spanks of A SafeFurr Place Animal Rescue to help.

Danny eventually corralled Miles into what turned out to be the ideal site to capture a dog, a dog park. He used hot dogs to get the dog’s attention, and with the help of Megan and her friend Courtney, they were able to hold Miles down.

“He was immobilized while he had the leash on.” It was now time to get him to walk. “You can see he’s terrified,” Megan said.

She made a point of coaxing him and speaking gently to him as they brought him into the vehicle.

Miles was unexpectedly sent to a “pet retreat.”

“He was able to unwind and move into his foster home,” Megan said.

Miles’ life was forever altered after that.

“He’s turned into a dog.” He sits on his foster’s lap, interacts with other dogs, walks on a leash, and sleeps on a bed. He grins because he knows he’s in good hands. ”

And it is for this reason that Megan goes about her daily activities. Miles’ tale was seen by almost 13 million people on YouTube.

“Even when he’s attempting to flee, he’s kind and calm, and he doesn’t bark or fight.” What a fantastic dog. One YouTube commentator commented: “I hope the rest of his life is fantastic.”

Miles wasn’t the simplest dog to rescue, but it was all worth it when he transformed from a fearful stray to a joyful, well-loved house dog. We’re so thrilled Megan didn’t give up on Miles and got him the perfect home.

Watch the video below to see Miles’ rescue!

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Nobody was able to capture this stray dog until…
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