This is a must-see! A pair of dolphins tease a German Shepherd, and this is what he decides to do

Is there anything worse than someone mocking you? It’s also not enjoyable for the dogs. Maverick the German Shepherd was swimming with his owner when a couple of dolphins approached him.

Maverick glances at the dolphins, clearly annoyed by them. A dog can only take so much taunting before acting on instinct.

Maverick becomes airborne and leaps into the sea without notice!

He wanted to go swimming and play with his furry pals. The dolphins were just swimming about, causing no damage. Maybe the irritated dog wanted to join them and swim with them.

His master was not pleased, and he called for the dog to return to the boat. He was able to get him out of the water and back to safety.

One thing is certain: this is one creature that will not be bullied by dolphins. The fun may be seen in the video below.