The dog is happy to be rescued and hugs every person he meets

A simple embrace may be really meaningful. Toro sees it as a statement of his enormous love and thanks for being freed from the misery he was living in. The tortured puppy was discovered tied to a fence in front of a deserted building, and his rescuers think he spent his whole life outdoors.

Toro is finally secure, and he wants the rest of the world to know how grateful he is.

Toro was terrified and apprehensive when he first arrived at the shelter.

The youngster was unsure what to anticipate from his new surroundings after spending so much of his existence alone, neg.l.ected, and unkind.

But, despite his shyness and caution, it was evident that he was a really sweet, gentle-hearted youngster who only wanted to be a good boy.

He’s been steadily attempting to break out of his shell since coming to the shelter, and although he still feels scared and overwhelmed at times, he’s already gone a long way.

Toro is doing all he can to assure his rescuers that he loves and respects them, despite his own fears.

They’ve been so good to him, and his tiny heart is so full of love for them that he simply has to let it out.

As a result, he’s started giving hugs to everyone he encounters at the shelter.

It all began while he was exercising in the shelter’s play yard one day. He was having a great time playing in the fresh air when he abruptly turned around and ran back to Melissa Fogarty, who was keeping him company.

He climbed up on her lap and snuggled up against her chest. It was the sweetest, most loving hug ever.

Toro’s beautiful and honest gift astonished and emotionally affected Fogarty.

The embraces simply kept on coming after that initial one. Toro is now continuously giving out hugs and melting everyone’s hearts.

Toro clearly wants everyone to know how thankful he is to be rid of his sad and dismal background and to have been bestowed with all the love and attention he’s always desired.

Toro is now seeking his ideal forever family. He’s been in the shelter for nearly a year and still hasn’t found his ideal partner.

All he needs is a stable and loving home where he can feel cherished and protected.

“I honestly believe he hasn’t been adopted because he’s a middle-aged pit mix residing in a municipal shelter with a large intake.” “In this sea of dogs, he gets lost,” Fogarty told The Dodo.

But now that Toro is gaining some internet exposure, we’re certain that his eventual forever family will discover him soon and realize that they’re intended to provide him with the life he was always supposed to lead.

And, in the meantime, tiny Toro is overjoyed and pleased to have the whole shelter adoring him, and he’ll keep giving out those amazing hugs.

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The dog is happy to be rescued and hugs every person he meets
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