This “unwanted dog” was about to be euthanized, but this girl has changed everything

It is a cruel truth that many shelters are overloaded and must euthanize pets that are not adopted in a timely manner. Many dogs at shelters are “shy” or “agg.r.e.ssive,” which is one of the primary reasons they do not find homes. These dogs have a background of c.r.u.elty, ne.g.l.ect, or starvation, which makes coming out of their shells much more challenging.

Dogs at shelters now have the chance to interact in the best manner possible thanks to a successful program sponsored by the Humane Society of Missouri! The Shelter Friends Reading Program, a one-of-a-kind project, allows youngsters aged 6 to 15 to teach shelter dogs by reading their favorite books to them!

The first sessions of this program were highly remarkable. When kids read calming tales to the dogs and make contact with them, their behavior is favorably rewarded, and the timid canines feel comfortable and welcomed. The youngsters learn the complexities of a shelter dog’s body language as the dogs grow more empathetic and “available for adoption.” This is a win-win scenario!

Because of the program’s effectiveness, the shelter has included reading in their annual Christmas celebration. This event, known as “Deck The Howls,” allows youngsters to craft adoption cards and other gifts for their new animal companions. It would be fantastic if other shelters could implement similar programs for “unwanted” pets!

Watch the video below to observe the children’s joyous meeting with the shelter’s lonely pets!

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This “unwanted dog” was about to be euthanized, but this girl has changed everything
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