When rescuers found this dog, she was taking her final breaths, and they didn’t have any hope that she would live

It is unbelievable that humans are capable of harming or leaving our beloved buddies. However, this is a daily reality. This story is no exception!

An unresponsive puppy on the point of d.eath was reported to Animal Aid Unlimited. When they arrived, they saw a little dog laying next to a cardboard box, taking her final breaths. The rescuers were unsure whether she would live or di.e.

The helpless doggo was in shock from dehydration, and her blood pressure was very low. Luckily, the dog got the medicine and treatments she desperately needed. However, the rescuers were concerned that she would not survive the night.

Sweet Lilly surprised everyone in the morning. Within just 24 hours, she made an amazing recovery.

Rescuers discover a dog gasping for her last breaths.

Watch the remarkable rescue in the video below to see how lovely the child has become: