The exhausted dog lay down next to the lady and closed her beautiful eyes for the first time since she was rescued

Bella, a sweet puppy, spent her life at a local shelter.

Dog shelters in Romania are not like those in the United States. The dogs are routinely kept outside in less than ideal conditions.
Because of Romania’s poverty, the shelters do not get enough food from contributions, and as a result, the dogs do not eat as much as they should.

She was scared and underweight. She’d never previously been hugged or loved. Her spirit had been shattered by her time in the shelter.

The dog whines in the video below as a rescue group from Romania takes her from the shelter to try to find her a forever home.

Bella and the rescuers race to the vet. She sits in the car next to her new human friend with a blank look on her face.

When she is taught empathy, she learns that her way of life will change. She was exhausted. According to shelter staff, she slept very little.

She was struggling to feel safe in her prison. As she lays there being stroked, her eyes begin to close. It’s incredible to see her relax.

Then she does something extremely moving. She covered her face in her savior’s lap. She may snooze while they travel to the veterinary hospital.

The car is calm and pleasant, and the lady next to her seems kind and welcoming. This was just what the dog needed. The security of a pet is critical.

Since the production of this movie, she has located her forever loving family and is living a beautiful life.