As this service dog goes above and beyond for a little girl, her family decides to repay him with the best day ever in his life

Bella Burton had a diagnosis of Morquio syndrome roughly 15 years ago. According to Boston Children’s Hospital, Morquio syndrome is a hereditary disorder that affects a child’s bones, spine, organs, and physical capabilities.

Bella’s ability to walk was hampered by the ailment, which necessitated the use of walking aids, limiting her freedom. But it all changed when Bella met George.

Source: Facebook page/Bella and George

“I was walking around on my legs or in a wheelchair and I was like, ‘I do not really want to do this anymore,'” Bella recounted.

After a year of working with the non-profit organization Service Dog Project, Bella received a service dog.

Source: Facebook page/Bella and George

“One day, Bella got up with George and she was chatting to George and then, the next thing you know, his head was in her laps and he was gazing at her like she was the finest thing in the world,” Megan Kokaras, a Service Dog Project trainer, remembered.

That’s when Bella and George realized they’d be great friends for life.

“I could feel he needed me, and I knew he needed me,” Bella said. “It was incredible the first time I walked with George. It seemed like I hadn’t walked in a long time. And now I’m thinking, “I can do it again.”

Bella and her mother, Rachel Burton, decided they had to submit George for BarkPost’s “Dog Best Day” series the moment they heard about it.

Source: Facebook page/Bella and George

“George deserves Dog’s Best Day because he has improved my daughter’s life,” Rachel said.

Bella claims that George has enabled her to be more self-sufficient than she might have been without him.

So it was evident to BarkPost that George was the best boy who deserved a day off to be completely spoiled.

Source: Facebook page/Bella and George

The Copley Plaza Hotel was the first stop on George’s big day in Boston, and the doorman met him instantly, holding the door open wide for him. Then he met the hotel’s local vice president, who greeted George and Bella immediately.

“Have the nicest day ever, on behalf of our K-9 ambassadors!” George, you’re off the clock. Have fun in Boston! ”

Source: Facebook page/Bella and George

The following stop was Walhburger for a tasty snack. Because George is a service dog, he is not permitted to consume human food.

Today, however, was “Dog’s Best Day,” so George was given roughly ten hamburgers put on a tray, which he devoured.

Following that, George and Bella went on a pleasant excursion. George loves the snow, and he and Bella enjoy going sledding together.

Source: Facebook page/Bella and George

The ski resort closed down the whole lift area so Bella and George could have fun.

George was having the time of his life, racing about.

George was starving after all of his playing. So he went to Polka Dog Bakery, where he was greeted with a large welcome sign.

George felt like a child in a candy shop, except he was a dog in a treat store.

“George adores the Dino-bone,” Bella said. “He’s drawing a huge scribble on the floor.” “I believe we have finally located a George-sized bone.”

When they returned to the hotel, George stepped into a room packed with balloons and toys in every corner. George was also given a beautiful new dog bed to sleep on.

Source: Facebook page/Bella and George

George had the nicest day ever, and Bella was overjoyed that he was able to receive a thank you for all of his love and commitment over the years.

“George is joyous, always smiling, and always there to cheer you up,” Bella remarked. “He’s my best friend.”

It has been a few years since George had his happiest day ever, and he and Bella remain as close as can be. If you want to follow their trip, like their Facebook page.

In the video below, you can learn more about George’s special day.

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As this service dog goes above and beyond for a little girl, her family decides to repay him with the best day ever in his life
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