Dog handlers take on the Jerusalema dance challenge with their pets, and we find it adorable

If you spend a significant amount of time on social media every day, you’ve most likely come across the Jerusalema challenge by now.

This is a challenge to dance to “Jerusalema,” a house song with a gospel influence that was made by South African producer Master KG and sung by Nomcebo.

Regardless of the fact that the song is in Zulu, the rest of the globe did not shy away from taking part in the challenge.


Music really has no language.  Everyone has now tried this trend and put up their own version of the Jerusalema dance.

This task has no bounds, from cops to medics to coast guards.

In fact, a quick search on Google will lead you to videos of people dancing to this very popular music.

But one thing in particular caught our attention: how a group of dog handlers responded to the challenge Sisters Buttons posted on YouTube.


The lovely canines also joined in on the excitement. The video began with the song’s famous sounds as the dog handlers strolled beside their different pets.

They were all dressed in their uniforms, appearing as slick and polished as they had always done.

When the group began dancing to the music, the dogs’ expressions were priceless. To say they were perplexed would be an understatement.


The clip then cut to the following segment, in which 13 dog handlers began dancing to greater movements. It’s no surprise they had to keep the dogs away for a while.

It’s clear from their synchronized dancing routines that they put in some rehearsal time.
The video showed them dancing in a variety of settings, ranging from an open field to a park to an empty room.


The thrilling part came when the dogs returned to the game. Each dog handler arrived with a dog to dance with.

The dogs were either busting moves like their handlers or simply sitting there looking perplexed.

They were both quite entertaining. One of the dogs recognized the task and danced, despite standing on just two legs.

Some of them demonstrated stunts. Seeing it can immediately brighten anyone’s day.


The challenge was then sealed with a video showing everyone running, walking, and leaping about.

It was amazing footage. Each dog engaged in play with their unique person.

Even though they may not grasp what the challenge is all about, it was clear that they were having the most fun while shooting.


Jerusalema is a great tune for dancing to. It’s no surprise that it has become a big dancing fad!

What exactly are you waiting for? Participate in the challenge! There are several tutorials available to assist you in learning the dance movements. Have a good time!

In the video below, you can see these dogs dancing to Jerusalema!

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Dog handlers take on the Jerusalema dance challenge with their pets, and we find it adorable
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