Everyone is taken aback by the size of this giant dog

It’s no surprise that photographs of a massive dog and his two smaller sisters have just gone viral. In the photos, the gentle giant is towering over his family, which have already received hundreds of likes.

The photographs are pretty amusing to some people. Others find them totally implausible. Some people are even questioning if he is a dog or whether anything so enormous and lovable could be genuine!

Although it may be difficult for some to believe, Barney is neither a horse nor a large stuffed animal. He’s a Boerboel, which is a kind of dog. South African Mastiffs are another name for these massive dogs, and despite their size, they can be surprisingly swift and nimble.

As you can expect, they make great guard dogs and might be useful if you want to keep yourself secure.

Male Boerbals, which were originally raised by farmers to defend distant towns from vicious enemies, may grow to be 27 inches tall and weigh between 150 and 200 pounds. Barney is two years old and weighs a massive 176 pounds. Despite his size, Barney’s father noted that he is picky about what he eats.

“Barney is a picky eater and shockingly doesn’t eat all that much, as seen by his lean muscles,” said Phil, Barney’s father.

This large, attractive guy is adored by his family, and he is regularly seen snuggling on the sofa with his human sisters. However, sharing a bed may be tough since Barney is so large that he virtually takes up both sides by himself.

The whole globe fell head over heels for Barney the moment they lay eyes on him. People on the internet liked the photos 17,400 times and said thank you in the comments section below.

This attractive hunk has clearly made an effect on a large number of social media users, as well as his human sisters. They clearly have a strong bond and adore their adorable, gentle son, as seen by the images. It’s no surprise that these gorgeous photographs have charmed thousands of people across the internet.

We’re so delighted Barney wanted to share his images with the world because he really is the “goodest child,” as his father described him on Facebook.

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Everyone is taken aback by the size of this giant dog
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