The vets euthanized a poor dog instead of healing her ear, and you’ll not believe what happened after

Brittany Turnbill brought her 8-year-old Shih Tzu, Sugar—whom she affectionately calls her “daughter”—to the clinic for a routine ear infection. However, what started as a normal appointment quickly turned into a situation due to an inexcusable error.

Sugar was mistakenly administered lethal medicine instead of treatment for her ear infection.

Turnbill was told by the vet to take Sugar to an emergency facility in Columbus, Ohio, right away. “We euthanized her by mistake, and maybe she will,” she was informed.

Turnbill, shocked and terrified, hurried her beloved family cat to MedVet, a full-service 24/7 emergency animal hospital. Sugar was quickly removed from her arms and transported back to the ICU, where a tracheal tube was put in and she was hooked up to a ventilator.

Turnbill was advised that there was nothing more he could do except wait. There was no turning back from the lethal chemical running through her veins. The most they could do was keep Sugar hydrated and intubated for the first crucial 24 hours and see whether she lived – or di.ed.

Sugar survived the first long night, but a doctor at MedVet advised Turnbill that it would take another 72 hours for her delicate body to digest the medicine before they knew how much harm had been done. And, of course, there was still the possibility that she might not make it at all.

Later that day, when the family went to see the comatose dog, her pulse rate increased when she saw them. Sugar had made an unconscious decision to fight! The small pup was robust enough the next evening to be removed from the ventilator. Despite the fact that she had not yet awakened, she was moving more and listening to the sounds of her visitors.

Sugar awoke from her coma only three days after her horrible adventure started! Her oxygen tube was removed, and she even went outdoors for a toilet break before devouring a whole jar of chicken-flavored baby food! Turnbill and her happy family were relieved to be able to touch their precious dog for the first time in days, but Sugar was not quite out of the woods. She still needed to be evaluated for long-term brain damage.

An EEG was taken. It just highlights the likelihood of mild short-term memory loss! Sugar was going to be just fine! During the situation, she got an ulcer in one of her eyes, but she was saved in the end.

Sugar was discharged from MedVet after receiving treatment for her wounded eye and ear infection. She needs to wear an inconvenient e-collar around her neck until her recheck visit next week, but she is amazingly alive and healthy! Her exhausted, confused, and very grateful family is helping her rest and get better at home.

The reaction to Sugar’s experience, which was shared in a series of updates on Turnbill’s Facebook page, has been overwhelming. Thousands of people from all across the globe sent their love, support, and prayers for a little puppy they had never met.

Despite the gravity of the error that almost k.i.lled Sugar, Turnbill’s reaction to the situation is entirely positive. She makes no indication of resentment against the vet who inadvertently injured Sugar. Her remarks are filled with appreciation for the professionals at MedVet, the many messages of support, and her dog’s beautiful life.

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The vets euthanized a poor dog instead of healing her ear, and you’ll not believe what happened after
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