A little guy has a special bond with this dangerous and giant creature and visits him every day

Small children forming strong, particular bonds with animals is a reasonably common and joyful event. Those wonderful encounters, however, are more likely to happen with puppies or kittens than with wild animals. As a consequence, seeing a young kid form an unusual attachment with a big stingray is unusual.

Furthermore, the boy’s weird buddy dwells in the sea. This, however, does not stop Joel from engaging with his gigantic friend. Each morning, the young boy looks forward to his friend’s arrival on the pier. In response, the little guy gives it some fresh fish!

The incredible meeting occurred in Gran Rey, a tiny fishing village in the Canary Islands, Spain. A calm location in which people may sense a strong connection to the natural world. Because of this, large marine species, like stingrays, end up on the village’s harbor steps as bycatch. These fish are usually released back into the water by kids fishing nearby.

The sight of a young kid feeding such a massive animal is a joy in and of itself. It’s lucky that a tourist managed to be there at the beautiful moment that was recorded on video. The video went viral as planned, with roughly 60 million views to date.

While it’s lovely to watch Joel feed and touch his strange partner, it’s wise to note that these are wild creatures, and while stingrays aren’t generally hostile, one wrong move may be lethal.