This video will make your day! Golden retriever greets his marine mother in the sweetest way

Choosing marine life is perhaps one of the most daring things you can do in the world. Marines defend the nation despite being apart from their families.

These people give their lives for their country. Their sacrifice is hard to understand, especially if they have pets at home that they love.

Any dog owner can relate to the difficulties of leaving his or her dog behind, even for a short time.

It’s a difficult path to take. And it becomes increasingly difficult as years pass between encounters.

This is why, when troops return from service, the reunions are generally heartfelt.

This is the tale of Oshie, a gorgeous golden retriever who got to greet his mom in style. Nancy was sent to Norway.

That puts her almost a thousand miles away from her home and friends, including Oshie.
It was unavoidable for the couple to miss one another through time and distance.

Dogs, in reality, have about the emotional maturity of a two-year-old toddler.

Who hasn’t seen a child miss their parents and weep incessantly when they’re away?

In a video posted on Oshie’s World, a YouTube site just for them, the dog and cat were out waiting for Nancy to come home.

The video begins with the good guy happily strolling. His father even said,

“He understands why we’re here.”

“We’re going to visit Mom, Oshie!” said the happy father. Indeed, Oshie seemed to be aware that this was the day he would finally be reunited with his mother.

The next video showed the dog waiting patiently. An adorable young boy even approached Oshie and patted him on the back.

The young girl turns out to be a member of his family. They entertained themselves for a while while they waited.

After a few clips, Oshie was seen resting on the floor, as though he was becoming impatient.He couldn’t wait to visit his mother.

Finally, the moment has arrived. When Oshie’s marine mother finally got there, the little boy ran over to give her the biggest and warmest hug he could.

Isn’t it lovely to come home to?

I’m quite sure all the tension in Nancy’s body was quickly released.

Oshie continued leaping and racing about for a few minutes. He couldn’t keep his enthusiasm in check.

To illustrate his point, he ended up peeing, which dogs do when they are overjoyed.

“Are you glad your mother has returned?”

The solution was self-evident.

“She stepped away to check out so we could go home,” he said, “and he’s simply hunting for her now.”

Oshie became concerned since he couldn’t see his mother. Don’t worry, baby boy; she’ll accompany you.

Then Nancy reappeared, and it was as if Oshie had never seen her before.

He sprinted about till he returned to his automobile, as if to say, “Let’s go home now, mum!”

The lovely family then returned home to make up for all of their wasted time. It was really a touching reunion.

In the video below, Oshie gives his mother the largest welcome home embrace!

Source: Youtube/Oshies World

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This video will make your day! Golden retriever greets his marine mother in the sweetest way
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