Mum Lion Puts Her Life on The Line to Save Her Baby Who Is Stuck on a Cliff

In Africa, photographer Jean-Francois observed his mother’s heroic rescue of a lion baby. The tiny lion cub threw himself off the brink of a cliff. Luckily, the lion cub was captured before falling at the top of the cliff.

As the newborn lion screamed in fear, his mother and three other female lions, as well as one male lion, dashed over the edge to see what had occurred. The lions attempted to descend the cliff at first, but quickly realized that it was too steep and dangerous to descend to the youngster.

However, while her infant continued to scream in horror for her, the mother lion attempted to approach her youngster once again. She inched her way down the cliff, slowly and unbearably gripping the disintegrating edge with her powerful claws. If she makes a mistake, she and her child might end up at the bottom of the cliff.

The mom reaches her stressed baby just as he appears to be ready to fall and scoops him up in her muscular jaws. She then begins the dangerous climb back to the summit.

The mother lion reaches the summit with her young securely in her grasp after what felt like hours but was just minutes. She gently places him on the floor and gives him a huge motherly lick on the top of his head.

Everything works well because the female lion’s maternal devotion pushed her to risk her life to save her young. It is the most strong force in the world, as any mother would tell you. Let’s hope the little one got the message!

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Mum Lion Puts Her Life on The Line to Save Her Baby Who Is Stuck on a Cliff
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