After their owner passed away, three dogs had nowhere to go and had been crying outside his house for 18 months

When the dogs’ beloved owners, Fred, Ricky, and Ethel, sadly passed away, the dogs also lost their home. Instead of being put in a refuge, the trio was dumped on the street.

The dogs had no clue how to survive on their own, so they hung around the home for 18 months, waiting for their owner to return.

When the rescue organization “Hope For Paws” learned about the pups’ condition, they instantly agreed to assist. When they arrived in the area, their hearts ached as they saw the once-pampered canines living on the streets like paupers.

In distress, Fred lurked about his old house. He didn’t want to go, so he put up a struggle with the rescuers. When he realized that the rescuers were coming to help him, the poor animal gradually gave up.

Later, Ricky and Ethel were discovered nearby, dejectedly foraging for food. They were also rescued after a great battle! The three were escorted to the shelter, where they experienced sofa comfort for the first time in almost a year.

They’ve all been put into foster care. They clutch each other tightly, tears in their eyes, as they begin to hope for a brighter life once again. They are now seeking their everlasting homes. Spread the word and assist them in being adopted.

Watch the video below to see how the dogs were saved from a life on the streets after their owner di.ed.