Chester Zoo celebrates the birth of an exceptionally rare and cute Malayan Tapir (Video)

Did you know the Malayan tapir is a threatened species? It is thought that there are fewer than 2,500 individuals remaining in the wild. They sell their products throughout Malaysia, Thailand, Sumatra, and Myanmar.

Their number has been reduced by half over the last several decades because of habitat degradation and poaching. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature put this species on the Red List. Photographer: Chester Zoo

That is why the birth of any Malayan tapir is a reason to rejoice. And lately, the Chester Zoo has had that good fortune. An exceptionally uncommon and gorgeous Malayan tapir was born here. Rony, the baby animal, weighed around 112 pounds. Margery gave birth to him after 391 days of pregnancy. His father’s name is Betong.

Rony’s black and white coloring is adorable. You can’t take your eyes off this four-legged beast. “It’s incredible to hear the pitter-patter of tiny, spotty Malayan tapir feet for the second time in the zoo’s lengthy history.” Margery is wonderful with the baby. She is attentive but also allows him to explore and find his feet. ” Sarah Roffe, the zoo’s team manager, confirmed the news in a statement.

Watch the video of the adorable animal below: