Owners dropped their loyal and faithful dog and she became homeless

This dog’s story is all too common: she served people for years and really loved them, but they just dumped her out onto the street, erasing her from their lives. The dog was loaded into the vehicle, driven away, and abandoned in the middle of the road. More of her previous owners were forgotten.

The dog fastened himself into a high-rise building’s courtyard and remained there. She gazed into the eyes of passers-by, but they seemed uninterested in her.

The dog got along very well with youngsters; perhaps there were kids in the previous home; she was friendly with other animals; perhaps she had previously lived with them.

The dog became ill while living on the street. We were contacted by loving individuals who requested that we assist with the therapy since they did not have the necessary funds. The vets discovered a significant inflammatory process and extra discharge and recommended surgery. Surgery is costly, but it cannot be postponed, and the dog must be spayed immediately.

It is hard to distinguish the reasons for the sickness; maybe it was a high level of stress caused by betrayal, or perhaps living on the streets had an impact.

Bell was the name of the girl. She really needs our assistance, and we need the assistance of everyone who is not indifferent. We sincerely hope that the girl will be adopted. She craves people, care, and attention and is ready to react with loyalty and genuine affection. The family is extremely important to this dog, and we do not want her to end up on the street again.

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Owners dropped their loyal and faithful dog and she became homeless
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