When Eva the dog rushed to confront the mountain lion to save her owner, she wasn’t sure that her dog would survive

Cats are generally chased by dogs, but this dog encountered the one cat it couldn’t get away from. There’s not much you can do when confronted with a carnivorous cat more than double your size.

Erin Wilson was out hiking with her dog when they were att.acked by a mountain lion.


The 24-year-old lady went out for a trek in Northwestern California’s wild regions. Of course, California is a large state with a diverse landscape. It may have large, crowded cities. However, many animals make California their home as well.

Coyotes, bears, snakes, and, of course, cougars are among the wild species that may be encountered (also referred to as the mountain lion).


Erin and her dog, Eva, got out of their truck and followed the route down to the river.

“We made it. And it began assaulting us within a minute or two of our arrival. ”


A mountain lion, who roughly weighs 132 pounds, is not a cat you want to fight. They have strong forearms and sharp teeth that they use to puncture the skin of deer and lambs all the time.

Erin shouted for Eva as the cat att.acked them.

The dog then put her life on the line for Erin and fought the mountain lion. She went up against a fighter who was many weight classes above her. One who frequently dispatches bigger and more hazardous creatures.

The cat easily overcame Eva and clamped down on the dog’s head.


It was now Erin’s time to assist Eva. Erin attempted striking, slamming with a rock and gouging her eyes out. All of this was failing.
She dashed to her vehicle to get the crowbar.

Erin ran to the road and waved for help from cars passing by. She was desperate to save Eva from a terrible death.

One of the vehicles stopped to assist, and Erin relayed the whole event.
Shannon was the motorist who came to a halt. Erin told her to find whatever weapons she could and help set the dog free.


Now that you have backup, Erin returned, and the two started yelling and wailing at the beast.

“It eventually simply let go.” I believe it’s because we’ve been so relentless and forceful about it all. Erin stated

The meeting with the predatory cat lasted around 15 minutes. Erin said it seemed like an eternity.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. Eva was still critically injured and required immediate medical attention.

Eva first stood up and raced inside the vehicle, but this was no indication that she was alright. Erin was well aware of the depth of the dog’s injuries and spent no time preparing.

After saying thank you and goodbye to Shannon, Erin hopped in her vehicle and drove Eva to the vet without any respect for traffic restrictions.


I’m not sure I blame her. Her dog was in bad condition. Erin started crying and panicking as Eva began convulsing.

She clung to me the entire time, and I begged her, “Just stay with me, puppy.” Just stay with me. “I love you and couldn’t live without you.”


Eva held on for Erin, and the two ultimately made it to a veterinarian. They started treating Eva and making sure she was alright.

Amazingly, they both made it. That incident, though, left them disturbed. Erin even fought back tears as she told the Sacramento Bee her tale. It’s normal to fear and weep when your closest friend’s life is in danger.


At the very least, the couple may return to their normal lives as dog and owner.We hope they’re much more careful around trails and forests now.

Watch Erin’s recall of the events below, and spread the word about this post!

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When Eva the dog rushed to confront the mountain lion to save her owner, she wasn’t sure that her dog would survive
While chasing a cat, the dog climbed a tall tree and couldn’t get down