You won’t believe what this millionaire chose to do with his whole fortune

Let’s imagine what we’d buy if we were a multi-billionaire: automobiles, a great home, and so on. However, one millionaire chose to be very unselfish, instead spending his riches to save the lives of hundreds of pets.

Wang Yan became a millionaire while owning a steel company in Changchun, China. But no amount of money could ever replace his beloved dog, who went missing years ago.

After exhausting all other possibilities, someone offered a bleak final stop: the butcher.

Many of the city’s stray dogs have been seized, slau.ghtered, and sold in the bru.tal dog meat trade.

Unfortunately, Wang Yan did not discover his own dog in this terrible environment. However, what he saw there altered his life.

He realized he had to do something, and he discovered a miracle solution to save the dogs: he purchased the slaugh.terhouse and turned it into a dog sanctuary!

According to Metro, he has poured a large portion of his riches into the project. He paid $400,000 for the slaughterhouse and paid for the shelter out of his own money. even if it meant going into debt.

“I don’t take monetary contributions; all I ask is that kind-hearted folks send a few goods to aid,” Yan told Metro.

However, his efforts have yielded incredible results: as of 2015, Yan had taken in 2,000 dogs from the city area and assisted 200 in finding new homes.

It’s always heartwarming to watch people go out of their way to rescue animals, but for this guy to spend so much of his own money to save these pups’ lives is simply astounding. Please share this uplifting story!

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You won’t believe what this millionaire chose to do with his whole fortune
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