A dog comforts a struggling koala by the water dish, and melts 17 million hearts

Interspecies animal friendships are usually heartwarming to see. There’s always something special and endearing about unexpected animal bonding.

It’s always lovely to watch animals getting along, whether they’re cats or dogs, domesticated or wild.

Animals usually have their own buddies with whom they like interacting. And, let’s be honest, seeing animals interact melts our hearts.

It’s much more amazing when animals support one another when they’re in trouble. That’s exactly what happened to a koala and a dog during Australia’s wildfires.

Many people have heard stories about koalas coming into their neighbors’ yards to get water, especially when the weather gets hot.

Riley and Olivia Stone own a dog called Rusty, who has a companion named Quasi. Quasi is unique in that he is a koala. But, as you’ll see, Rusty and Quasi aren’t bothered.

They’ve known one another for a long time. Quasi pays a visit to a guy named Kevin’s backyard. Danielle Stone, Riley and Olivia Stone’s cousin, wanted to film their quick and pleasant connection one day.

Robert Frost, a neighbor, decided to post the video on his Facebook page. Since then, it has gone viral. It has almost 7 million views and has been shared more than 220,000 times.

Though the movie may seem “little” in nature, the response it’s received demonstrates how huge it really is.

Quasi sips from a large pot of water in the video. Rusty then enters and takes a couple licks as well. But he comes to a halt and turns to face Quasi, who also comes to a halt and stares back at Rusty.

When they touch noses, the intimate moment occurs. Rusty licks the koala before their noses even meet.

It’s a quick yet dramatic moment. Who knows what extraordinary abilities animals possess? Perhaps Rusty could feel Quasi’s distress and was attempting to console him.

We’re delighted that it occurred for whatever reason, because it simply goes to demonstrate that friendship has no bounds.

Viewers of the video have also expressed their appreciation to Frost for sharing it.

“Excellent video, buddy. It made me and I’m sure many others happy. “I hope you’re doing well. ”

“I adore nature… thank you for your article, Andrew.”

We’re very delighted. Quasi has such a wonderful family watching over him and ensuring his well-being. It’s adorable to watch him with his closest friend, Rusty, and it simply goes to show that creatures of various kinds can coexist.

Check out Rusty and Quasi’s video below!

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A dog comforts a struggling koala by the water dish, and melts 17 million hearts
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