You will not believe it! A little gesture rescued this dog from being put down

What little time Edie had left was far from pleasant for the terrified dog who was destined for eutha.nasia.

Edie, who had been labeled “too violent” at a shelter, was set to be put down until Eldad Hagar and his Hope For Paws rescue team interfered.

Edie was hiding in a corner while Eldad carefully put a collar on her. She was so scared that she had to go to the bathroom because she was so afraid of the scary unknown.

Eldad reached out to soothe Edie, revealing a deeper longing. It just took a few strokes to calm and subjugate the dog in the man’s arms.

For Edie to stop being so mean, all she needed was a gentle touch from a caring person.

Edie was taken to a Hope For Paws shelter where she was cleaned and tended to with sympathetic hands after being tamed and spared from death just minutes before her time was up.

Bronwyne Mirkovich was ultimately able to adopt Edie via Hope For Paws less than a week later, providing her with a fresh lease on life and the affection she so desperately needed. All that lay between Edie and her new permanent home was a road trip to San Marino, CA, where Mirkovich captured the dog basking in the California sun.

Edie’s happy ending will tragically not be shared by many shelter pets, which is why it is critical to shine a light on the other dogs in shelters that are still waiting for the same ray of hope. Adopt instead of shopping!

In the video below, you can see Edie’s incredible change!

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You will not believe it! A little gesture rescued this dog from being put down
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