When a woman walked by the manger, she noticed a lovely dog sleeping in it, but sadly she couldn’t adopt him

Nádia Rosângella was driving past a plaza in Brazil where a magnificent Christmas crucifix had been built, but the figures referring to the stable were really gorgeous. Something in this nativity tableau appeared out of the ordinary, and someone was fast asleep in the stable.

Someone truly shocking takes up the area that is typically kept empty until Christmas day. A small puppy found a pleasant location to snooze at its birthplace.

It was a lovely sight, with the dog in the crib appearing tranquil and content.

Nadia, who talked with The Dodo, said that I was surprised. It was really amazing. What a beautiful and clean setting.

The mom had no clue where the darling puppy had come from; it had obviously been left in the market a long time ago. Without a warm place to lie, the lovely pooch saw the manger as the perfect spot to relax for a bit. When Nadia saw him there, defenseless and alone, she was completely taken away.

Nadia was moved by the event she saw at the nativity scene, and although she couldn’t take the tiny dog home with her, she wanted to help by snapping images. She marketed herself and the surrounding community of pet lovers on social networks in the hopes of finding a home for the little one.

The dog in the manger got a home for life and a comfortable place to sleep every night right away.

Because of the Christmas tableau in the plaza, the gorgeous dog was given a second chance and a wonderful home without even realizing it.

“She was discovered and brought home by a friend,” Nadia says.