A friendly dog runs to greet a newborn foal, but the foal doesn’t move and seems lifeless

The Maxey Appaloosa Foundation in Colorado is a refuge devoted to the preservation of the unique Nez Perce appaloosa horse, reports. Some workers recently reported Aengus’ first encounter with a newborn foal. “Ghost is the name of the foal. The farm dog’s name is Aengus. Ghost is described as very delicious.

They claim Aengus carries a lot of responsibility. He is responsible for all of the farm’s creatures at all times. He felt concerned when he learned that the horse’s mom was giving birth. But, the guardians forbade him to approach Ghost for a few hours since the foal was still frail. When Aengus finally sees Ghost in the flesh, he sprints around the stable. When he walks in, he is surprised to discover Ghost unmoving on the ground. However, the caregivers persuade him that newborn foals need some time to stand on their own.

Aengus takes a cautious step forward. The horse’s mother softly guides him to her youngster. The sight of the adorable foal overwhelms the dog. He bends his head gladly to kiss it. Aww! The animals at this shelter are really fortunate to have such a hard-working and caring canine by their side!

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv