A kind man wanders throughout Mexico with a cart to rescue stray pets

While most of us are apathetic when it comes to helping innocent animals, others are willing to go to great lengths to aid the four-legged ones. It’s the story of Edgardo Perros, a simple Mexican with a big heart.

The kind-hearted guy began his quest in 2013, inspired by his compassion, empathy, and generosity towards stray canines. Edgardo made the decision back then to aid homeless canines all throughout the nation. So he boarded a trolley and set off on his 9,500-mile tour across Mexico.

“No matter what errors we have made in the past, it is never too late for us to achieve something good,” Edgardo told Quinta Fuerza. “Even if there is no food or medication, I attempt to rehabilitate them and place them for adoption with love and devotion.”

Edgardo “Perros” Zuniga has so far helped roughly 500 dogs and is just 900 kilometers away from his objective. This guy has traveled more than 8,500 kilometers in the previous six years while dragging a trolley loaded with dog food and medications. He confesses to taking occasional day jobs to support himself and his animal buddies, but he also states that he depended on the goodwill of others.

The 49-year-old claims he is embarking on this voyage to “awaken people’s consciences.” It is not the dogs’ fault, he claims, that they live on the streets, but their owners’.

“It’s not the damaged, hurt… dogs that bother me the most.” It’s the guy doing it, “Edgar said. “I work with the animals’ power; everything I do is out of love for them, not pity.” “Dogs will always stay at my side, whether it’s pouring, we’re traversing a desert, or they’re starving.”

“Dogs are filled with love and protection, which is why we must take care of them as well!” Edgar informed Bored Panda. “I can’t go through the rest of my life simply saying, ‘I went throughout Mexico once and saved dogs.'” “I want to keep working with dogs.”

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A kind man wanders throughout Mexico with a cart to rescue stray pets
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