A woman asks an elderly neighbor to look after her pets while she is on vacation, then receives a letter from him that she will never forget

It’s always difficult to leave your pets behind while leaving on a vacation. However, it is not always permitted to bring them.

When we have ample notice, we may place them in an animal hotel or daycare so they may interact with other animals. You may also ask your relatives, a friend, or a neighbor to care for your pets while you’re gone.


SnooCupcakes8607 asked her neighbor, Robert, whether he could take care of her pets for 2 weeks.

She has two German Shepherd dogs, Smokey and Jennifer, as well as a cat called Oreo. She departed and returned two weeks later to pick up her pets from Robert’s place.


Just several days later, she received this letter from Robert, and it was one of the most lovely letters we’ve ever read.

“Good afternoon,” began the letter. “This letter is in reference to your two-week trip and how you allowed me to babysit Smokey, Oreo, and Jennifer. I’d simply want to express my gratitude.”

Here is what was written in the letter.

In the letter, Robert characterized himself as an old gentleman who no longer goes out due to his “unlively knees.” His father, with whom he shared a home, was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer during the height of the epidemic and has since passed away.

He had no wife, children, or other family members to reside with. He was alone in his home, and he might d.i.e in his sleep with no one knowing.


“Every day is simply sitting around thinking about what I’ve done for this planet,” he went on. “Until Smokey, Oreo, and Jennifer came along.”

And these three creatures brought him back to life.


“They provided me with the impetus to begin my life.” I began getting up early in the mornings. For the very first time in many years, I started taking walks outdoors with your dogs. “They would bark or brush against my leg and make me giggle every 10 minutes, if I felt sad for a second,” he said. “I brought them to the park, which was the highlight of their visit.” It was the most time I’d spent outdoors in a long time. It didn’t only bring back pet companionship; I also met new individuals, began communicating, and became friends with a few others. I was overjoyed to be able to speak with friends again, engage with people, and feel like a member of the human race. ”

He has since announced that he has acquired two pets. They’ve been taking walks to the park on a daily basis to chat with the friends he met there while he was with Smokey, Oreo, and Jennifer.


The Reddit community enjoyed the article and contributed their own stories about how these furry pals made their days better.

When they visited their family, there were stories about their family pets that cheered everyone’s day at the nursing home. There were instances of nursing home employees bringing their cats or dogs and leaving them with some of the residents.

I went on vacation two weeks ago and left my cats with a neighbor. I received this letter from him in the mail shortly after I returned home, and it made me both grin and weep. I’d like to share it with you here.

Do you have a story about how dogs and cats improved your or someone else’s life?

Please share this with your relatives and friends.

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A woman asks an elderly neighbor to look after her pets while she is on vacation, then receives a letter from him that she will never forget
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