Owner informs dog that he has given all of the goodies to the cats, and his reaction is the best; nearly 200 million people have seen and liked his reaction

Opinions about this video diverge. Some have labeled it the “greatest video on the online platform,” and we’d have to agree based on the 205 million views.

This video, titled ‘Ultimate Dog Tease,’ has received a lot of attention on YouTube.

However, it has recently resumed its journey, and we couldn’t be happier.


In the amusing one-minute and twenty-second video, a dog owner is chatting to his dog about food goodies from the butcher drawer.

But what makes the video so funny is that the owner has placed a voice over it to make it seem as though the dog is genuinely chatting back to him.

First, the owner begins conversing with his gorgeous puppy about the meat drawer in the fridge that contains maple bacon. In absolute suspense, the dog is hilariously’responding back.’

In absolute suspense, the dog is hilariously’responding back.’

Little “yeahs” and “okays” emanate from the dog’s lips, or so it seems.

The dog’s owner has a deep and masculine east coast accent, yet the dog was plainly given a “dopey” and innocent-sounding voice.

It’s a fantastic match for the dog, with its adorable eyes and inquisitive demeanor.


The discussion then takes an unexpected turn. The owner is telling his dog that he grabbed the maple bacon out of the drawer and started to think, “I know who would appreciate that.” The dog responds with “yeah? yeah?” as if to say, “Please tell me you’re going to give me some bacon from the meat drawer!”

“Me! So I ate it! “admits the dog owner. The dog yawns and turns away crazily at that point, but the dub makes it seem as though he’s just outraged that no bacon was shared with him.


“I also saw there was some meat in there,” the owner adds. In anticipation, the dog soon perks up again. Perhaps he still has a chance!The owner frustrates the dog again by eating the steak.

Then there’s some chicken with cheese that’s been wrapped with cat goodies!The dog is really interested in this dish, but… here comes the bad news again.

It was given to the cat by its owner!


Because of the owner’s imaginative editing talents, the dog’s yawn becomes the most excruciating sound of disappointment again and over.

It’s the kind of chat you could have with your dog!

Of course, it didn’t take long for the video to become viral when it was posted. And now? It has over 205 million views and is still growing.


Some of the comments that have poured in all say the same thing: this video is the finest!

I apologize, but this will always be the finest video on the internet.

“I’ve been viewing this video for five years and I never get tired of it; it’s fantastic for morale.” I’d want to express my heartfelt gratitude to this man and his wonderful puppy for bringing so many smiles to my face. It keeps a former soldier truly entertained when I’m feeling down. ”

“Every other month for the past eight years, my family has brought up this video.”

It’s reasonable to assume that this clip will make people happy for years to come. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and watch the video below.

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