The dog escapes the pet hotel and walks two miles to “ring his own doorbell”

It is important to choose a secure location for your dog to reside while you are away. Even the most guarded institutions, however, can not keep some determined dogs at bay. As soon as Jeremy and Sarah Henson put Dexter in a pet motel in Kansas in February, he started making plans to get out.

When Jeremy and Sarah left their house, their Ring doorbell notified them. They were surprised to see their dog outside their house, despite the fact that they had just dropped him off. Since Dexter is now safe, it turned out that the situation was more funny than scary.

Dexter leaves the hotel on his own.

Dexter was sent to a renowned pet motel in Lenexa, Kansas, before the pair went hiking in Mount Zion National Park. They drove to Las Vegas from there and were getting ready to explore. But they were interrupted by a message from their Ring camera.

They saw a dog sitting at their front door when they looked to see what activity the camera captured. They thought it was a different dog at first, but as they observed the pup, they realized it had to be Dexter.

To calm Dexter down, I pressed the Ring doorbell. “He seemed delighted, not terrified,” Jeremy Henson remarked.

Jeremy spoke to Dexter via the webcam, and the dog listened intently. While Dexter waited, Jeremy phoned some family members and Sarah called the pet motel. A storm was on its approach, so they wanted to make sure their dog was secure before continuing their journey.

The Hensons’ house is around two miles away from the dog motel. Dexter had climbed a six-foot and a four-foot fence at the motel before running straight home. He believed his people were still inside when he returned home. He had no clue they were in such disarray.

Someone from the pet hotel arrived 10 minutes after the couple’s call to take up Dexter, who was still waiting quietly by the camera. He jumped right into the dog-sitter’s car and stayed at the hotel for the rest of the time.

“We always believed he was clever, so it made sense that he made it there,” Jeremy said. “He pulls himself into trouble because he is so clever.”

Dexter was overjoyed when Jeremy and Sarah came back from their vacation. He approached his people with fondness as soon as he spotted them. Jeremy feels Dexter knows the way home since they’ve taken him on many lengthy walks, including a couple past the hotel.

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The dog escapes the pet hotel and walks two miles to “ring his own doorbell”
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