The dog’s owner pointed the camera towards the door to capture the dog and her mom’s “reunion of a lifetime”

Reunion between dogs and their owners are often characterized by joyful tears and hugs. Some of the most heartwarming and joyous videos on the internet are of dogs that have visited their army parents after a lengthy separation.

Ask Oshie, the Golden Retriever, who missed his mommy so much that he couldn’t keep his emotions in check on reunion day.

Image/Story Source Credit: Oshies World via YouTube Video

Oshie’s mum had been on a training trip in Norway. When she came home, Oshie awaited her homecoming with bated breath.

Oshie’s father videotaped the reunion and asked, “Who’s home?”

Before the celebration begins, the dog looks around the corner and waits by the doorway!

Image/Story Source Credit: Oshies World via YouTube Video

He can’t keep his emotions under control, wagging his tail, rushing at his mother, and even rolling over for belly massages. Oshie’s mother is overjoyed and kneels closer to the dog for a better glimpse. At one point, Oshie offers his mother a blanket, maybe to say, “Never leave me again!”