The family was completely unaware that their dog was a hero until they read the letter attached to his collar

When Louie the dog did not come home for supper, his family were concerned that something had happened to him. When he limped home with a letter around his neck, they discovered the truth: he was a hero.

Marolyn Driver’s parents live with Marolyn’s in New Zealand. A letter tied to Louie’s collar stated that the 12-year-old canine had been on a rescue mission. On Facebook, Marolyn recounted Louie’s journey as follows:

“What’s the proverb about old dogs learning new tricks?” I’d just arrived in Alexandra to see my parents when I observed Louie, the family’s elderly farm dog, stumbling up the driveway. He was exhausted and slumped at the entrance, tired and puffing. We ran out to check on him because we were worried.

That’s when Mum found a piece of cardboard tied to his collar with a scribbled letter in pencil… Louie is the day’s hero. He led me to Maddy [the neighbor’s dog], who was trapped beneath a branch pile. “‘Thank you, Rob.’ Imagine that our old gentleman may still give Lassie a run for her money! ”

Rob is a farmer who lives about a mile away and is a neighbor. His dogs, Maddy and Louie, are close buddies who like playing together. Rob went shopping, and when he got home, Louie was waiting for him at his house, begging him to come with him.

He pursued Louie only to discover his dog Maddy stranded behind the bush pile. Louie even assisted Maddy in getting out of her position.

“Maddy comes over every day at 4:30pm to get him and they walk out down the driveway into the distance,” recalls Louie’s mother, Francie Diver. He went missing on Saturday. He came home at 6 p.m., weary, with a tag affixed to his collar. ‘Where has he been?’ I wondered. ‘What did he do?’ “I instinctively assumed the worst.”

Despite his arthritis and trouble walking, Louie went above and beyond to help rescue his companion. But his valor had taken its toll, and he was fatigued.

But when Rob and Maddy returned the next day, Louie brightened up upon seeing his “lover” and is now OK.

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The family was completely unaware that their dog was a hero until they read the letter attached to his collar
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