This dog was raised with cats, and he now ‘purrs’ and acts like a cat

They believe that a dog is only as good as the people who raise it. A good dog indicates a decent home. There are also no evil dogs. There are only lousy owners.

This puppy clearly took after those who raised him. Winston is his name.

Source: TikTok screenshot – @bethdc7

Winston is related to Beth Clark. He enjoys to be around them more than anything else in the world.

And he’s not the family’s sole four-legged member. Winston also lives with a number of the Clark family’s cats.

Source: TikTok screenshot – @bethdc7

Why are there so many cats? It’s because the Clarks like rescuing and caring for cats. As a consequence, Winston is not the sort of dog to pursue and torment cats.

Those felines, on the other hand, have clearly left their imprint on the dog.

Winston has acquired certain, shall we say, quirks as a result of the cats. We’ve seen a lot of dogs with unusual and quirky behaviors, but what makes Winston’s so unique?

Source: TikTok screenshot – @bethdc7

They claim you look after your siblings and friends as much as your parents. Those peers at your age undoubtedly have a big influence on you.

Winston, as a consequence, purrs like a cat when rubbed or patted.

“He became friends with six cats.” “They were all linked in such a caring manner.” – Clark said when The DODO covered the story.

Source: TikTok screenshot – @bethdc7

Winston started doing this as a puppy and has continued to do so ever since.

At first, I was surprised. But I immediately realized that what he was doing was a vocal display of satisfaction gained from his brothers! ” -Clark continued

And Winston’s purring is exactly as strange as you think it is. It sounds just like a cat’s purr, except louder and more nasally.

Source: TikTok screenshot – @bethdc7

Winston, on the other hand, does not seem to be able to jump on countertops or use a litterbox.

Dogs acting like cats—and, for that matter, cats behaving like dogs—aren’t exactly uncommon.

One such occurrence is even referred to as a “puppy cat.” “Puppy cats” owe it to their DNA rather than being taught by a dog.

Source: Imgur – xlinnea

Not to mention Tally, the Siberian husky that went viral for behaving like a cat. Tally is sitting in the “loaf” stance, which cats like. She sits on the couch like a cat, but what’s more important is that she likes to hide and play in boxes.

Returning to Winston, he even answers with the traditional “Pspsps.”

@bethdc7 Reply to @luckrea ♬ original sound – Beth Dooley Clark

That is unmistakably a cat thing. The comments section even asks whether he “loafs” like a cat. I’m not shocked if he does.

All of this raises the issue of what it means to be a “dog person” or a “cat person.”

Hey, if you’re fortunate, you won’t have to make a decision.

For Winston or Tally, for example, it would be the best of both worlds.

@bethdc7 Reply to @xaila13 ♬ original sound – Beth Dooley Clark

Expect to pick up a lot more hair than any cat will shed. Furthermore, a conventional cat-sized litterbox is unlikely to suffice.

If having a cat-like dog is too much responsibility for you, just sit back and enjoy someone else’s pranks. You may do so by viewing Winston’s TikTok video below.

We are sure more people would enjoy hearing a dog purr, so please share this post with everyone you know!

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This dog was raised with cats, and he now ‘purrs’ and acts like a cat
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