A guy was entering a building when he noticed a dog falling from the balcony

After rescuing a puppy from inevitable death, Joao Augusto is acclaimed as a hero in his Sao Paolo, Brazil, neighborhood of Ribeirao Preto. The young guy was in the right position at the right moment to save a Shih Tzu dog’s life.

The Brazilian hero, who lives in a block of flats, was ready to enter the apartment when he saw the little terrier climbing the balcony railing. He quickly realized the dog was in grave danger and dashed back into the parking lot to intervene. The dog then jumped from the 9th-storey balcony.

“I requested a towel or a sheet to assist in some manner, but there wasn’t enough time,” Joao said. “She then fell from the ninth floor.” “I knew I couldn’t catch her, but I knew I could soften her fall.”

The heroic guy has miraculously caught the helpless puppy in his arms. Despite falling from more than 100 feet, the puppy survived unscathed.

“I was on the floor for a few seconds, but it was because I was relieved,” the hero said. “I believe I was in the right location at the right moment.” I did all in my power to assist. It was a collaborative effort with the caregiver, who responded promptly to assist the dog. “The story had a nice conclusion.”

Fortunately, neither the dog nor her rescuer were wounded as a result of this remarkable experience. The dog’s owner, on the other hand, was frightened. However, he quickly installed a safety net on his balcony. His fortunate dog may now securely enjoy the vista from their 9th-floor balcony.

Here’s the heart-stopping moment:

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A guy was entering a building when he noticed a dog falling from the balcony
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