The family was celebrating the birthday of their daughter when they heard dog howls from a burning house

Some neighbors are kind enough to lend you their equipment when you need it, but others are prepared to put their lives in danger to rescue your dog. The latter demonstrates real commitment! A neighbor like that sounds like something out of a novel, yet Mike Richter has just shown that unselfish individuals exist.

Richter knew how much his neighbors’ dogs meant to them, so when their house caught fire with their dog still inside, he did all he could to rescue the pooch. There can never be enough “thank yous” for this wonderful hero.

Carmen and Jodie Scalfaro were enjoying their daughter’s 17th birthday 30 miles away when a terrible storm hit. Lightning hit their house, forcing the roof to catch fire. Richter contacted 911 after seeing the fire and then notified the Scalfaros, who discovered that their dog, Piper, was still inside.

Richter didn’t hesitate when Carmen requested him to remove Piper from the home. He attempted to open the garage door, but the electricity went out. Richter followed his instincts and rushed through the front door when Carmen advised it. Piper was taken aback when she saw a stranger breaking into her house.

“I believe she was more surprised than anything else that someone had broken down the door,” Richter added. “She wouldn’t approach me. She’d usually come straight to me. That’s why I had to come and get her. ”

Richter came into the house, snatched up Piper, and rushed to safety, facing the smoke.

Piper is safe and healthy thanks to Richter’s fast measures. Piper was just as happy to see the Scalfaros as they were to see her when they got home. However, the majority of their home was destroyed.

“We are sad over the loss of our house (as we know it) and even more so over the loss of everything in Bella and Blaze’s bedrooms,” Jodie said on Facebook. “I am heartbroken over the loss of Bella’s childhood toys, her over-200-book bookshelf, her newborn “white blankie,” and Blaze’s constructed Lego sets, ALL of his artwork, and even Woody and Buzz Lightyear.”

The family has created a GoFundMe page to seek funds to repair their home. So far, kind people have raised more than half of their $50,000 target. Losing their house is sad, but thanks to a kind neighbor, they can all remain together during these trying times.

“Mike was my neighbor and buddy before this,” Jodie said. “He’s now my brother.”

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The family was celebrating the birthday of their daughter when they heard dog howls from a burning house
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