This elderly rescue dog has completed his bucket list and is more lively than ever

Morgan, the senior dachshund, was left in a shelter after his owner passed away. Because the dog was 18 years old, Senior Paws Sanctuary (SPS) was contacted and requested to assist him.

“They notified us that an older, unadoptable dog had come,” Morgan’s foster mom, Kate Reidy, told The Dodo. Morgan moved in with Reidy and her 10-year-old dog, Charlie, expecting the dog to be a little slower owing to his age-but boy, was she mistaken!

Reidey decided to develop a bucket list for the dog, inspired by his love of life. Morgan has flown, met a sergeant and become a junior deputy, been to a baseball game, met Santa Claus and had his picture taken, loved jogging on the beach, ridden a motorcycle, and even tried yoga.

And, for his forthcoming 19th birthday, he would appreciate it if you could send him a card at 1413 Caywood Circle South, Lehigh, FL 33936.