When the dog’s favorite song started playing, Mom decided to join in for a “duet performance”

Lola and Annie are as attached to each other as a mother and her dog can be. They like going to the park and playing, resting and snuggling, and taking road trips together.

Lola and Annie’s favorite part of the journey is the entertainment! Lola and Annie are the focus of everyone’s attention!

Image/Story Source Credit: Annie Aul via YouTube Video

Lola has tremendous musical ability, and she’s excited about the release of her favorite song.

Image/Story Source Credit: Annie Aul via YouTube Video

And the greatest part is that Lola wants to do it with the person she cares about the most… her mother! The two form an excellent karaoke team. While Lola’s “lyrics” vary from Annie’s, they work well together.

You’re going to like this dynamic duo’s vocal talent. So, crank up the volume and prepare to be delighted. Keep an eye out until the end!

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