A rescued bear goes through a shocking transformation after spending 30 years in a tiny cage

Fifi, a lovely Syrian brown bear cub, was born at a Pennsylvania  zoo almost 30 years ago. Until the zoo collapsed in 1995, she was compelled to do stunts and amuse people.

Fifi and 3 other bears were allowed to waste away in cramped cages when the zoo shuttered its doors. The bears were kept in small, rusty cages with hard floors and only a broken-down doghouse for shelter for 20 years.

Fifi’s eyes were filled with sadness. On tape, she can be seen pawing at the bars of the cage, attempting to get free.

PETA was able to go in with The Wild Animal Sanctuary and save Fifi and her buddies, Bruno, Pocahontas, and Marsha, after a compassionate whistleblower informed the animal rights organization of the bears’ tragic situation. When her rescuers came, Fifi’s fur was dull and her eyes were sad. She was very underweight and had arthritis in her back legs that no one knew about.

PETA enlisted the help of a bear specialist to check the bears’ condition and determine whether they were fit to travel. The bears were given the thumbs-up and sent to Colorado’s Wild Animal Sanctuary, where they were monitored by two vets in case of an emergency.

Fifi, a Syrian brown bear, spent more than thirty years in a small cage.

Fifi, a Syrian brown bear, was kept in a tiny cage for almost thirty years.

Fifi’s eyes are filled with despair.

She yearned to be set free.

Fifi was finally given the shelter and attention she so much needed and earned after years of sorrow. Beautiful grass, watering holes, subterranean caves, and veterinary treatment were all available in her new habitat.

Bruno, Pocahontas, and Marsha were extremely wary when their cage doors were unlocked. Fifi, on the other hand, walked out into her new environment and straight to the tub to have a bath.

Fifi, on the other hand, walked out into her new environment and straight to the tub to have a bath.

The bears needed some time to get used to their new surroundings. They spent a week in temporary, separate enclosures that were bigger than their old cages but much smaller than their new home. This was done so they could get used to their new home before they were given full access to it.

Fifi, Bruno, Pocahontas, and Marsha were finally free of their little cages. The bears had more freedom; they could interact in groups, and they could sleep for the first time in their lives.

Fifi was healthy and cheerful after only five months at the refuge. Her legs were becoming stronger by the day, and she had a full coat on.

Sadly, the lovely Fifi died in 2019.