Black bear unlocks a minivan and brings four cubs inside for a playdate. Look at how the owners of the miniven react when they see them

In the Adirondacks, a family found out that bears can open car doors, especially if they are not locked.

Denise Montalto Pappas and her family were staying at their cabin in Old Forge, New York, in the Adirondack Mountains in northern New York, when the bear family paid them a visit.

Surveillance video shows a black bear going up to the minivan and then opening the sliding door and the driver’s side door with her paw!

She enters the car and exits the opposite side. But the film doesn’t stop there: four of her pups emerge from the bushes and join her in the truck!

The automobiles were rented, according to Pappas, but the wild bears were very friendly.

“We’ve never had any difficulties with animals,” she claimed, adding that the bears caused no damage inside the van. “It was just some paw tracks.”

According to Pappas, the bear broke the door handle on the sealed red vehicle, but she is neither dissatisfied nor terrified.

“I’m hoping to get a moose on video.” “I keep checking the night movements, hoping to see one,” she said.

One user commented on the video: “It’s not easy strolling around in those woodlands with four bothersome children, you know—a Mini Van makes more sense to me,” one user commented on the video.

“When you have to hurry to the supermarket for oatmeal and have no option but to bring the kids,” wrote another. ”

Others were amazed by the maternal bear’s abilities. “Wow!” she pushed open the door with her “bear” hands. “Very astute” and “Not her first time unlocking a door, I notice.”