The bear surprises hunters in the forest with his visit

When a black bear chose to join hunters in a treestand, they were taken aback!

One of the hunters took a “selfie” video of the event, with his face blank as he tried to stay calm.

The video begins with the guys observing two black bears on the ground below them. However, the bigger bear is hostile to the other bear and pursues the smaller bear. The bear then escapes up the tree.

Both men remain motionless, attempting not to attract the attention of their furry visitor.As the bear approaches him, the guy recording muffles his lips with frightened laughter.

The video has around 39 million views. Many observers remarked on the younger bear’s drive. “Bear: ‘Ahh crap, there are people up here too,'” one spectator commented. I simply can’t seem to catch a break today. ”

“That bear was like, ‘Did you guys see that bear following me!'” wrote another. “That was a close call!”

Others on Reddit commented that the larger bear is chasing the bait barrel and that when the smaller bear attempts to climb down, the larger bear rushes up and tells the other animal not to.

The video makes us think of a time when a small animal got into a fight with a big bear and ran up a tree, only to be chased by eagles.

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The bear surprises hunters in the forest with his visit
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