I recently euthanized my dog. I wish I had learned this a year ago!

Daisy is my little girl. She’s just 7 years old in this photo. What I wouldn’t give to go back in time and know what I know now!

I initially saw the signals around two years ago.

Daisy used to welcome me at the door every day when I got home from work. She took her time greeting me at first. Then everything came to a complete halt. She was still pleased to see me, and when I stepped into the living room, her tail was wagging frantically from her bed. When I observed her struggling to get up, I realized it was time to take her to the vet.

Daisy’s joints were beginning to fail, according to our vet. Unfortunately, German shepherds are prone to hip, joint, and elbow problems. Daisy had also begun to gain weight, according to my vet. When I noted her slowed activity, I realized I should have modified her diet, giving her a little less. Her weight was now placing additional strain on her joints, exacerbating the problem.

The vet recommended pain medicine but advised that consuming it for an extended period of time might be harmful to her health, particularly her liver. It helped a little, and I also began her on glucosamine supplements. During my investigation, I realized I should have started giving her a joint supplement years ago. Apparently, huge dog breeds should start taking medication as early as age six to avoid future problems.

Sadly, after another year of working with our vet, we made the difficult choice to put Daisy down at the age of ten. Her body was just too weak, and her lack of exercise was exacerbating other issues.

Fast forward to more recently, and my second dog, Jaxson (a husky/shepherd mix), was experiencing separation anxiety when I returned to work after the epidemic. I learned about CBD and witnessed some positive effects on his anxiety after giving it to him. But it wasn’t the only thing I observed. He began to become more active than I had seen him in years. He’s 12 years old and had progressively become less energetic, but after giving him CBD, I couldn’t believe how quickly he recovered. He was rushing around our yard and demanding walks three times a day!

IF ONLY I’D KNOWN ABOUT CBD FOR DAISY YEARS AGO. I’m confident that if I’d given it to her, it would have prolonged her life.

There’s no reason not to try CBD if you see any of your pets slowing down. It alleviates both pain and inflammation.

Cannanine CBD multi chews are the products I use with Jaxson since they contain not just CBD but also glucosamine and a variety of other vitamins. If you purchased them all individually, they’d cost more than $150, but they’re rather reasonable all in one package.

Thank you for allowing me to tell Daisy’s tale. – P. Melissa

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I recently euthanized my dog. I wish I had learned this a year ago!
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