Woman breaks down after being reunited with chimps she rescued almost 20 years ago(Video)

According to The Conversation, humans are the most intelligent ape species. In reality, the only thing that sets humans apart from other ape species is their intelligence.

Having said that, isn’t it feasible that we share certain features with them?

However, if we are known to vary in intellect, we do not differ in emotions. As an example, chimps, like humans, may experience love, sadness, sorrow, and a variety of other emotions.

This touching story of friendship between a person and a troop of chimps will undoubtedly bring tears to your eyes. A real love story that endures even after more than two decades.

A person and a bunch of primates have an uncommon bond. To be honest, it’s difficult to discover even within our own species.

Returning to their rightful place

A troop of chimps was set to embrace freedom for the first time in a long time in 1974. They were scheduled to be released to a sanctuary in South Florida.

These unfortunate creatures were imprisoned in dark and dreary chambers, trapped behind frigid bars, and had not been sunkissed. They were taken away from where they lived and used as test subjects in medical experiments.

They waited six long years before returning to the outer world, where they might live freely. The long wait was almost over, but there was one major issue:

These formerly imprisoned chimps were terrified of being released into the wild.

They must have been so traumatized by the physiological stress that they were too terrified to come out in the open. Linda Koebner, an animal behaviorist who was just 23 years old at the time, looked after the chimps.

“They were scared to step out of the comfort of their transport cage,” Koebner stated in a section from the 1999 documentary ‘The Wisdom of the Wild.’

“Whether it was fear of stepping on the grass, the fact that they hadn’t been on anything except hard bars for years, or just the sense of the wind and sun.” “They basically congregated at the doors and refused to go,” she claimed.

Her passion and determination drove her to mission achievement.

The chimpanzees were uneasy on the grass since they were accustomed to being behind frigid bars and cages. This just spurred Koebner to persuade them to accept their new temporary home.

“We encouraged them over time, and Doll was straight up the tree,” stated Koebner. “However, some of the others had not experienced freedom since they were newborns, riding on their mothers’ backs, and they had been in these small boxes for years and years.”

She devoted four years of her life to teaching the strays.

There was a juvenile male called Sparky, a female named Swing, and a six-year-old chimp named Doll. She spent endless nights and days with them, providing comfort whenever they needed it.

They needed Koebner to be there for them more than simply a safe home and a steady supply of food. They seemed to feel safest when she was around.

Unfortunately, she had to leave indefinitely.

Everyone had no idea when Koebner would return, and no one had been able to treat the monkeys with the same love and attention since she had departed. Their one source of comfort and real care had vanished; it was like starting again.

Someone has returned after more than two decades!
Yes, Koebner returned to the refuge, where she had the opportunity to meet the surviving chimpanzees. She was concerned about whether or not people would remember her.

“Do you still remember me?” she asked the monkeys. Swing gave a beautiful grin, a move that said “yes.” Even though it had been two decades, the pleasant memories of them together remained.

The monkeys clearly missed their caregiver, who was the first person to offer them actual love and care.

Their reconnection made Koebner so emotional that she couldn’t stop crying. They exchanged the nicest embraces, and it was a moment they all prayed would continue forever.

However, for Koebner, it was the chimps who taught her many life lessons, not her.

“In our world, chimps have given us so much,” Koebner says in the documentary. “They are so similar to us as humans that they have so much information about us, our social lives, and our inclinations.”

“These chimps have taught me about perseverance.” “All of them have faced enormous hardship, and yet they are forgiving and whole again,” she continued.

It is true that animals often teach people how to be humans.

Check out the video below to see their heartwarming reunion.

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Woman breaks down after being reunited with chimps she rescued almost 20 years ago(Video)
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