When a man noticed a helpless dog on the road , he didn’t know what to do…

When a guy was traveling down the road, he came upon a lost puppy. What he did next is something we should all consider.

Of course, approaching a stray dog is not encouraged, “WelshDrive stated beneath the video. However, the position and size of the dog meant it was just a matter of time until it was struck, potentially harming humans and killing the dog.

He decided to get out of his car, and the dog raced into the road to welcome him and roll onto his back for a belly massage. A dead giveaway was that the stray was most likely a family’s lost pet.

The dog was unsure where to go and seemed to be about to run into traffic, but WelshDriver directed him to the side of the road and then contacted police to notify them.

“Eventually, the dog ran up to the owner’s house 800 yards away, and all’s well that ends well,” wrote the guy.

He uploaded the video to urge others to do the same if they encounter an animal on the loose.

If you take anything away from this film, please take this: treat animals as you would treat people; they have the same right to live and be treated well as you and I,” he added. Don’t overlook a puppy running wild on the road; be the guy/girl and rescue it; it doesn’t take much.