Professional soccer players enter the field with shelter dogs looking for new homes

When the Russian soccer club Zenit decided to raise awareness for animal shelters and pet adoptions, they looked for the most efficient way to do it, and they were undeniably successful.

The group intended to do something more real than merely making movies or other forms of communication about their subject. They collaborated with local shelters, who provided them with a number of dogs in need of homes; the players then walked onto the field before the start of a game, each holding a beautiful shelter dog.

Why do soccer players carry and then swoon over adorable puppies looking for forever homes? Nothing has ever been cuter.

The dogs ranged in size and fluff, and although some seemed bewildered, they were all happy to accept attention regardless of where they were.

Everything, from the canines themselves to the players’ faces as they handled them, was lovely. If there is a better way to get people to adopt pets, it hasn’t been found yet.

Perhaps some of these pups will find permanent homes as a consequence of this event, and everyone is hoping that the Zenit soccer club will do it again very soon.