The dog was returned to the shelter with a message from the young girl

As we get older, we know that not everything in life goes as planned. Relationships don’t always work out, jobs don’t always work out, and some people are just better off not being in your life! When one family got a new dog, that tragic fact became a reality.

Adopting a dog might be a risk if you don’t know what you’re putting yourself into.

While this is not usually the case, adopting a shelter dog may not always go as expected. For whatever reason, the shelter dog you fell in love with isn’t a good match for your family or house. Perhaps you have a pool that the dog can’t seem to get enough of, or an unexpected pregnancy complicates matters financially.

A family wanted to adopt a dog called Rhino Lightning in September.

Rhino was a three-year-old puppy from the Utah Humane Society. He was a brindle boxer mix that was full of life and enjoyed being around people. Things looked to be going great right after the adoption! Rhino was his usual cheerful and energetic self.

When that energy didn’t go away, the family became worried.

After just a few months of living with him, the family decided to return Rhino to the shelter. It wasn’t an easy decision, but they made it nonetheless.

“They thought he was a bit too rowdy with their small kids,” Deann Shepherd, the Humane Society of Utah’s director of marketing and communications, told The Dodo. Sometimes a family is just unable to offer the care that the animal requires.

It was an emotional experience, and it was difficult for the family.

The experience ended with the family delivering to the shelter a little spiral-bound notepad and telling them it was from their daughter. The little girl had scribbled in the notebook and left some special comments for the family that had chosen to adopt Rhino!

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when the employees opened the journal.

“Hello, if you’re reading this, you must now own Rhino,” the small girl wrote in her journal. “He was like my pet. I really hope he is in a safe place. I miss him terribly. I wish he realized what a lovely doggie he was. ”

That was just the beginning! She also supplied advice on how to best care for Rhino as he required.

“Rhino is a pretty smart dog,” she wrote. “He is a fantastic puppy.” Rhino requires a lot of care. He adores people.

She stated that he required three runs each day, a bath once a month, and plenty of care. She obviously adored him.

The girl’s only requirement was that he not alter his name.

The girl wrote, “His complete name is Rhino Lightning, then your last name.” “Please don’t change his name.”

When Rhino was formally re-adopted, the new family vowed to follow the guidelines! They brought the notebook home and pledged to take him on runs and adore him in the same way she did.

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The dog was returned to the shelter with a message from the young girl
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